Check out some of my favorite moments

Here are some luxuries you can expect after booking me as your wedding photographer:

  • You’ll be taken care of (I’m talking drink in your hand, snacks at the ready, beck and call stuff)
  • We’re going to have a GOOD TIME together, lame jokes, wine and all
  • You will feel as radiant as you truly are and I’ll always be sure to fix anything that might get in the way of that—flyaways and warm days got nothing on me
  • I’ll probably become best friends with your mom, grandma, aunt—I’m basically a 50-year-old at heart
  • All spontaneous dance parties will be captured (and sometimes created…)
  • You’re going to look back at your photos and be like, “Dang. That was the best day.”

Kind Words

"When the photos came back they exceeded our expectations. She perfectly captured the emotions that we wanted to have captured, and the photos will be treasured forever. I can imagine our future kids asking what it was like when we were poor newlyweds whose lives revolved around coffee and our dog, and I can show them these photos and they'll just get it. Cannot recommend Tori highly enough!”

Katie B.

Kind Words

“Our photos turned out AMAZING! I’m so glad we chose Tori to capture this special time in our lives.”

Brooke W.