Wise Words

On your wedding day and throughout your dreaming, scheming and planning, let’s be real, there is a lot to think about! Luckily, over the years, I have come up with a few gems that I think might help fill in some gaps on your special day!


Here are a few tricks:


  • Pack a Bridal Bag:

    A bag that you pack with all of the details you would like photographed (jewelry, shoes, an extra invite, pretty dress hanger, perfume, rings, etc.) This is super helpful because when your girl (me) arrives, you can keep on keepin’ on and I can get to business without getting in yours!

  • A Well Lit Space For Getting Ready:

    When thinking about where you and your bridal party will be getting ready, know that windows and natural light are going to be my best friend when capturing the sweet details and will make a perfect backdrop as your crew gets set for the day.

  • A Towel:

    It might sound silly, but since bridal bouquets arrive in vases of water, they need to be dried before using. I’m here to save you from saying, “It’s just water!” as you’re walking down the isle.

  • Have Your Ceremony In a Shaded Area:

    Direct sunlight isn’t fun for your man in a suit and can be tricky to photograph when mixed with shadows and harsh light. Considering a location under a tree or with even lighting (time of day) helps to create a softness to your ceremony that your guests will thank you for and you’ll be especially grateful for when seeing your wedding photos.

  • The Kiss:

    Do yourself a favor and ask your officiant to kindly take a step aside for your first kiss. This makes for a sweet and clean photo and well, who likes to smooch with someone else standing two feet from their faces? You’ll thank me later.

  • Hair and Makeup

    Brides, I suggest to get your makeup done in the middle of the pack, but not last. It’s a wedding and things will run behind, but this will allow you to stay stress free and will give time to relax and enjoy the process knowing you are ready.