you just met your biggest fan

I'm talking to YOU— you're welcome here

I’m a photographer of love and good people and that’s the bottom line. If you’ve got one of those things going on, you’re in the right place.

My heart in the biz

WAfter nine years and running, what keeps this girl’s heart pumped for another day is knowing that I give my clients all I have and more. I do my best to anticipate your needs and emotions to keep things running smoothly. I see you with an empty hand, I grab your signature drink. You’re anxious as hail, I got an oil for that. “WHERE’S THE RINGS?!” Girl you know I already delivered them to the best man. This is the stuff that makes my heart full. That and all the free wedding cake.

I can get down with a good time

We spend a good amount of time together doing some pretty cool business and I’m all about making the most of it. If you’re into dry humor, new girl quotes and getting into some hood rat stuff…I’m your girl.

Enneagram type 6, the loyalist

I’m an empath so you’ll hear me say no less than 87 times, “do what gives you 100% peace” as I guide you through the planning process. I’m here with you and all I want is for you to have the time of your life and to see out your vision. Cranky in-laws and family dynamics ain’t got nothing on me. I got you and I’m on your team.

I’m real chill y’all

I’ll make your timeline, I’ll guide you, keep things organized, I’ll run the show and make the calls, but I hold it all loosely and roll with the flow. I’m super calm, adaptable and lean into keeping things flexible. Stress has no place in the fun we’re about to have together.

My Process So how does all this work?
Step One: Inquire

You’ve done the instagram scrolling, the blog stalking, you’re basically a private investigator. You’ve got a handle on the vibe and the heart behind what I do, you think “wow, tori sounds like an interesting individual,” so you send a little inquiry.

Step Two: Book

We’ve talked about all the details, locations, times and what not for your day and you’re so in You feel overwhelming peace on this investment and you seal the deal—I’m officially your paparazzi! I probably have an excited freak out because that’s how I do.

Step Three: Game Plan

From there we game plan secure details, dream together, make a family formal photo list, you tell me which family member I have to tickle so they smile for photos, we talk about what you can expect and all the goodness. We do one final email check over all details a couple of weeks out and we’re ready to roll!

Step Four: PARTAY

The work is done, the decisions are made, the greens and florals are ready to roll and now it’s time to freaking enjoy and get yourself MARRIED. Time to CELEBRATE!

Step Five: Photos

First I’ll shoot you some previews because we’re all bursting to see! Then I send over your final online gallery, you freak out, I freak out, we all freak out because it freaking happened and we all get to relive it. You print, share, post all about it and make it your phone background because YOU’RE MARRIED.


Kind Words

“Tori is one of the sweetest souls you will EVER meet! She did a styled in-home session of my husband and I and it was so so fun! Tori not only has a passion for capturing the moments that you wish you could relive over and over again, but she cares about YOU! This is so important. She is so gifted at what she does and her work is INCREDIBLE! Long story short, you just have to use Tori to capture life’s best moments!! You won’t regret it!!”

Nicole A.