Let’s begin with the most important on the list, shall we? In my experience, it’s always fun to pop open some champagne with your girls or shake up a bottle pre-ceremony for some extra fun photos, if you’re feeling fancy.

Dry Your Bouquets

Get your Maid of Honor on this one! Be absolutely sure to remember to dry the bottoms of your bridal party’s bouquets before walking down the aisle. Depending on the fabric you’re wearing the water from the flowers has the potential to drip and stain the front of your or your dresses.

Plan for Touch-Ups

Think about hiring your makeup artist for touch-ups throughout your day. If you’re doing a first look and wanna stay looking as fresh as possible for the photos post-ceremony photos and reception, this is always a great idea–takes just a few extra minutes!

Schedule a Day-of Manicure

This is helpful so you don’t have to stress about keeping your nails pristine pre-wedding day! I offer nail services with my wedding packages with my personal nail artist, Nicole Breneman. She offers on-site wedding day nails for both you and your bridal party. Shoot me a note and I can send you details!

Family Photos

Let all family members included in formal family photos where to meet you and when ahead of time to eliminate standing around and get you to the reception faster! If you’re taking photos near where you’ll be hosting the reception, my advice is to ask your family to hold off from getting any drinks from the bar to save time wrangling uncles, aunts and cousins so you can get the most enjoyment out of your day.

A Photo Booth

Trust me, you won’t regret it. Ask your photographer if they offer a photo booth and you just might land yourself a sweet deal as opposed to hiring two completely separate vendors. (hint hint: you will at Tori Co.!) You and your guests will love the candid, spur of the moment memories.

A Stunning Hanger for Your Dress

I typically bring my own fancy hanger along or utilize pretty hangers at the venue, but that’s not always an option. Be sure to bring a hanger that your dress hangs well on, doesn’t slip off of, and looks good in photos.

Extra Invites

Bring a few additional sets of invites for your photographer and videographer to style and use to tell the story of your day. You’ll also want to hide a few for your own stash later on.

Strategic Flower Delivery

Chat with your florist ahead of time to arrange for your girls’ flowers delivered to the girls and have the guy’s flowers delivered to the guys (especially if you won’t have a day-of wedding coordinator). This illuminates time searching for everything you need–it’ll maximize getting ready time and minimize unneeded running around.